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For far too long BIPOC, LatinX, and female technology entrepreneurs have had to fight longer and harder than their peers to get their projects recognized. BCL Vc is here to change this. We are here exclusively for accredited investors around the world to participate in early-stage, pre-seed, and post-seed rounds to help fund and showcase innovations in underserved communities. We meet once per month to analyze projects and it’s up to each participant to decide how much they want to invest. BCL Vc knows that diversity in our support, and diversity among the entrepreneurs we fund, means more success for us all.

The future is one of diversity and inclusion. Be a part of bringing these important innovations to light. Join us as venture capital, accredited investor, founder or family of funds.



We have created a safe, welcoming, and non-discriminatory space to connect accredited investors with founders and funds from underserved – but very deserving – communities. Our focus is on BIPOC, LatinX, and female tech entrepreneurs from all walks of life, nationalities, religions and political alignments. In this rapidly changing world we choose to lead by example in our support of diversity and acceptance.


    Seed and Post-Seed Investments

    Diverse teams are encouraged to apply (Founders, C-suite)


    We invite established companies seeking post-seed investment to get in touch. The criteria for us to take a closer look at what you have to offer is: a validated market (have market research complete), a viable product, and an executive team established. The seed process requires an agreement regarding equity stake. The post seed and closing rounds involve a signed term sheet with clear details both sides agree on. For continuing seed and post-seed rounds you must define your product/MVP, show engagement with clients, demonstrate your knowledge of the product’s sale cycle, present a realistic financial model, and lead a startup team with defined roles. A CEO is also a requirement.

      Three Principles

      Seed and Post-Seed Rounds

      We are looking for accredited investors that support our vision to empower the deserving communities of BIPOC, LatinX, and female tech entrepreneurs. Our deals are only with market-proven products and established teams that sign with VC.

      It’s Up to You

      As an accredited investor, you have the power of choice. We gather and provide the information. You decide if you will invest or pass. Either way, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision.

      Distributed Risk

      Invest with confidence. Our proven model is based on flexible resources so we can be agile and proactive without impacting the company and its investments.

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        Our seed rounds follow an established pattern proven to benefit all involved while providing seamless movement through the process. Stages include ideation and MVP for the startup, verification and validation of the product and the entrepreneur’s executive team, an initial investment with an agreed upon equity stake, and a closing round that includes a signed term sheet. The next round requires a defined product or MVP, proven client/user traction and proof of sale cycle knowledge. A pitch deck and financial model are also required along with proof of how the product will clearly benefit the target users. Each step of our rounds is clearly defined. We invite you to contact us as a venture partner to learn more.







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        BCL VC Club Philosophy

        Our goal is to provide it all – marketing, research, studies, workshops, and more, to empower entrepreneurs, accredited investors, and venture partners, so that the important innovations from the BIPOC, LatinX, and female tech community can be brought to light.

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